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IVF and Fertility #01

IVF And Infertility

Couples having difficulty in conceiving are often in a very distressed and vunerable situation. If and when as a couple you decide to have children, it is right that you explore all avenues to assist that magical goal of having a safe and successful pregnancy.

There are many many factors that effect a couples ability to conceive and have a successful pregnancy. Expert, experienced and sympathetic holistic care can be a vital ingredient in achieving these aims and has many times in my own practice, meant the difference between reaching that goal and experiencing continued anxiety and distress that unfortunately acts further to reduce your chances.

A Look at the Whole Picture - not just seeing you as people attached to an egg & sperm !

First it is important for you to appreciate that Acupuncture has a strong scientific basis that has proven clnical effectiveness in assisting successful outcomes for IVF and also natural conception. Acupuncture with IVF can increase the chance of pregnancy by 65% as documented in the Btitish Medical Journal. Furthermore, getting pregnant is really only half the battle. Fertility Acupuncture improves the chances of a full term successful pregnancy and a live birth by nearly 90%. I have placed a references guide at the bottom of this page and would be delighted if you took some time to read these.

As a practitioner, I will look at you holistically as a couple. I will explore many areas of your health, well being and emotional states. These all have an impact on the chances of successful conception. I take time to understand the issues and use experience from all the branches of alternative therapy that I practice to formulate a treatment plan. The treatment is individualised and works to harmonise the body's internal organs and energy in order to give each couple the best chance for successful conception.

Both men and women should be supported for at least 3 months prior to the IVF procedure. For men, acupuncture and Chinese medicine can improve the quality and quantity off semen. This improves the health of the embryo which in turn reduces the risk of miscarriage. For women, it can improve the quality and quantity of the eggs to help create healthy embryos. It can also regulate oestrogen and progesterone levels, thereby thickening the lining of the uterus. Research shows that increased blood flow to the uterus can help promote the implantation of the embryo.

Whatever stage you are at, please give me a call and I can discuss the options and individual issues with you.


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